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Custom Pet Portraits | High-resolution Digital Files

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Personalized Pieces for Any Home

Files sized perfectly. We will email you a .jpg file of the poster and .png file of your pet's portrait to use however you like—whether it be printing and framing it, sharing it with friends and family, turning it into one of a kind note cards or just about anything in between! You will own the versatile digital file of your pet's portrait forever.

This is a digital file that will be emailed to you, no physical item will be mailed out. We will email you your high-resolution digital file in 3-5 business days.


1. Select the photo you want to use to transform your pet into a modern masterpiece. 
2. Upload your pet photo and make sure to review our Photo Guidelines
3. Submit your order and leave the rest to us! 

It takes our artists 3-5 business days for the transformation. Once your custom artwork is complete we will send you an email with your digital files to download.


1. Close & Personal Take a photo up close and make sure to include your pet's neck and ears. 
2. Get On Their Level. Crouch down to get on eye level with your pet when taking their photo.
3. 2, 1, Cheese! Standing and sitting poses work best—try to avoid lying down photos.
4. Lights, Camera, Action! Good lighting is important, make sure to take your photos in a well-lit area, either inside or out. 
5. Quality Check. Upload a high-quality photo for a polished art piece. A blurry photo will result in a blurry portrait! 

Perfect photo of pets to upload: head and chest visible, contrast between pet and background, including signature accessories. Poor pet photo examples: far away and blurry, uneven lighting and filtered, pet laying down.

Additional Info

Sizes for single pet portrait: 8x10", 12x16" & 18x24"
Sizes for duo and trio pet portraits: 16x12" & 24x18"