Giving Back

Fox & Fiddle Fund

At Fox & Fiddle we are dedicated to giving back to our shared communities. We embarked on this journey not only to help pet owners capture their most loved pets through unique art pieces, but to also help animals around the world. Pet owners know the joy and love their pals bring them, but not all pets and animals get the same love back. We cannot change everything in the world, but we hope to make a difference by supporting organizations that are focused on helping animals.

Through the Fox & Fiddle Fund we are committed to donating 10% of our profits each year to animal-related organization that our customers care about. Your purchase will help further the work of organizations focused on the well-being and conservation of animals. No matter what the numbers look, we are committed to making a difference, big or small. Together we will change and improve one animal’s life at a time! 

This year we are supporting Best Friends Animal Society!

Should you have any questions about our philanthropic initiative or want to nominate an organization in your community, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about organizations that are doing exceptional work to help improve the lives of animals in your community!