Photo Guidelines

Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Photo
We've said it once (maybe twice), but we'll say it again: the better the quality of the photo you upload, the better your portrait will turn out.
1. Close & Personal. Get up close to your pet and capture all their distinctive features. Make sure their neck (if you want it to show in the portrait, especially if your pet is wearing their signature accessory) and entire headincluding ears and whiskers—are in the frame and their head is not the same colour as the background. Use a distinctive background, so your pet does not blend in with it.

2. Get On Their Level. Crouch down or sit on the ground to get on eye level with your pet for the photo. We find holding a treat right above the camera works best for getting their attention. 

3. 2, 1, Cheese! They all have a signature pose, but standing and sitting poses work best. Try to avoid uploading a photo of them laying down, unless you can see their whole chest. 

4. Lights, Camera, Action! Well-lit images (either inside or outside), while avoiding direct sunlight result in the best photos for your custom pet art. Your pets are perfect, so no need to add a filterwe will work our magic once you upload your photo. 

5. Quality Check. Go through your photos and pick your favourite. Avoid uploading a blurry or pixelated photo, because a blurry photo = a blurry portrait. 
Please note: any accessory (collars, leashes, bows, bandanas, hats and outfits) pictured in your photo will be included in the final portrait. If you wish to not have any accessory in your final product, please ensure to remove them prior to taking the photos. As a rule of paw, your pet should look exactly how you want them to look on your personalized item(s). 
Keep in mind that all samples on our website are made with high quality photos. It is your responsibility to provide us with a high quality image to work with. We will always try our best to work with the image you upload and If we cannot work with an image, we will get in touch. However, due to the volume of orders we receive we may not always be able to do so. As a reminder, please follow the instructions above to ensure a quality image is uploaded for a quality final product.
Perfect photo of pets to upload: head and chest visible, contrast between pet and background, including signature accessories. Poor pet photo examples: far away and blurry, uneven lighting and filtered, pet laying down.
Still cannot decide on which photo to use or just not sure if the one you like works? Send us an email at support@foxandfiddle.co and we will gladly help you choose. 

We often create memorial pieces for pets who have passed away, so we understand you might not have the perfect photo that meets all the guidelines above. We set out on this journey to help pet owners share, remember and express their love for their pets, so we will be here every step of the way to make it a little easier to cherish them forever.