bull dog on our 12 ounce
Dexter underneath his portrait.
Australian Shepherd dog on our white 12 ounce enamel mug

Custom Pet Mug - Enamel

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Personalized Mugs for Any Drink

We know how much you love your pet and are itching to showcase them in a unique way. Your personalized 12 oz enamel mug featuring your pet will bring you joy while you're out in the wild, at home or anywhere adventure takes you. 


1. Select the photo you want to use to transform your pet into a modern masterpiece. 
2. Upload your pet photo and make sure to review our Photo Guidelines
3. Submit your order and leave the rest to us! 

It takes our artists 3-5 business days for the transformation. Once your custom artwork is complete we will notify you with tracking information. 


1. Close & Personal Take a photo up close and make sure to include your pet's neck and ears. 
2. Get On Their Level. Crouch down to get on eye level with your pet when taking their photo.
3. 2, 1, Cheese! Standing and sitting poses work best—try to avoid lying down photos.
4. Lights, Camera, Action! Good lighting is important, make sure to take your photos in a well-lit area, either inside or out. 
5. Quality Check. Upload a high-quality photo for a polished art piece. A blurry photo will result in a blurry portrait! 

Perfect photo of pets to upload: head and chest visible, contrast between pet and background, including signature accessories. Poor pet photo examples: far away and blurry, uneven lighting and filtered, pet laying down.


Our enable mug is lightweight, yet durable. It is a must-have for every devoted camper, glamper or homebody. Use it for your favourite beverage or hot meal, and easily attach and remove it from your bag on a hike. Your personalized dog coffee mugs will surely remind you of home away from home. 

Care instructions: Hand-wash only with soap and water. NOT dishwasher and microwave safe. 
Materials: Enamel with coated white gloss 
Dimensions: 3.14" x 3.54" (7.97 x 9cm)
Capacity: 12 fluid oz (354.8ml)